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Cutting Edge Standard Hiring Terms and Conditions

1.    Definitions of Terms


The following terms shall take the meanings as prescribed hereto:


1.1             Hire Goods

The “Hire Goods” shall mean all Weapons/Accessories as hired by Cutting Edge Combat.  All hire goods remain the property of Cutting Edge Combat The hirer purchases only the limited right to use such hire goods for the agreed hire period.


1.2            Hirer

The "Hirer" who must be over 18, is the person, company, firm or other body hiring the hire goods and includes their successors and/or personal representatives. The hirer has the sole responsibility for the hired goods until returned to Cutting Edge Combat.


1.3            Hire Period

The "Hire Period" is the period from the time the hirer takes possession of the hired goods until returned to Cutting Edge Combat.


1.4           Hire Charge

The “Hire Charge” is the sum of money as agreed between the hirer and Cutting Edge Combat for the hire of the hired goods for the hire period

2.    Hiring Conditions

This hire agreement is subject to the following:


2.1         Payment of Hire Charges


The hire charge must be paid prior to receipt of the hire goods.  In case of non-receipt of the hire charge Cutting Edge Combat reserves the right to refuse delivery of the hire goods and or pursue the hirer for full compensation.


2.2         Insurance


The hirer is responsible for ensuring they have adequate all risks insurance to cover the hire goods throughout the term of the hire period, up until the hire goods are returned to Cutting Edge Combat.


2.3         Cancellations


2.3.1     The hirer may cancel a booking at any time up to two weeks before the commencement of the agreed hire period without penalty.


2.3.2     Cancellations made less than two weeks before the agreed hire period start date will incur a 50% charge of the total hire cost.


2.4         Returning the Hire Goods


2.4.1     The hirer is responsible for the costs of returning the hire goods to Cutting Edge Combat on or before the date agreed. Cutting Edge Combat reserves the right to charge additional hire charges for any hire goods not returned by the date agreed at a pro rata rate.


2.4.2     Any pre-agreed extension to the hire period will be at the rates as agreed between the hirer and Cutting Edge Combat.


2.4.3     Customers who do not return hire goods will be pursued for their full value.  Legal action will be taken if necessary.


2.5         Losses, Damages or Alterations

2.5.1     The hirer will pay Cutting Edge Combat the replacement costs plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while unavailable of all hired goods lost during the hire period through whatever cause.   


2.5.2     If the hired goods are found to be damaged on return, Cutting Edge Combat reserves the right to charge the hirer for all repair costs up to and including the replacement cost plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while the hire goods are unavailable.


2.5.3     The hirer may not alter or modify the hire goods in any way.  In the event any hired goods are returned altered in any way Cutting Edge Combat will charge the hirer for all costs, up to and including replacement cost plus the reasonable cost of lost hires while the hire goods are unavailable in order to return hired goods to their original state.


2.6         Re-hiring

Re-hiring, sub-letting or loaning hire goods to any third party without the knowledge and consent of Cutting Edge Combat is prohibited under this agreement.  Should Cutting Edge Combat be asked to provide consent we may, at our discretion, refuse such consent or require additional payment.


3.  Care of Weapons


Furthermore the hirer agrees to the following conditions in respect of care of any weapons forming part of the hired goods.



3.1         Designated person


3.1.1     The hirer will appoint a designated person (who can be the hirer) who will be responsible for the storage, maintenance and safe use of all weapons. 


3.1.2     All weapons must be returned to the designated person after use, and actors or any other persons will not be allowed to rehearse with, borrow or use the weapons in any way unless in the presence of the designated person.


3.1.3     Weapons must only be used for performance and rehearsal of stage combat.  Weapons must not be sparred with or played with in any way.


3.2         Storage and carriage of weapons


3.2.1     Weapons must be kept under lock and key when not in use for rehearsal or performance.


3.2.2     Firearms must be stored under lock and key at all times when not in use.


3.2.3     Weapons must be transported in a suitable bag (sword bag, guitar bag or case etc.). Weapons must not be openly carried in public.


3.2.4     Weapons must be removed from the theatre/rehearsal space after each use and not left in an empty building overnight.  Weapons must not be left in vehicles.


3.3         Maintenance


3.3.1     Prior to use in rehearsal or performance weapons must be checked for damage and general condition.  Any nicks or burs on blades should be filed down. 


3.3.2     After each rehearsal or performance all metal parts of weapons (including handles, quillons, pommels and guards) must be wiped with a dry cloth followed by a lightly oiled cloth.  (3 in 1 oil, or sword oil).


3.3.3     The Designated Person will be present whenever firearm(s) are in use and will personally hand the weapon(s) to the actors and personally retrieve the weapon(s) after use. 


3.3.4     The Designated Person will inform the actor(s) of the loaded condition or otherwise of the firearm(s) on hand over.


4.  Privacy Policy

4.1         Cutting Edge will only use the information collected from the hirer lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


4.2         The type of information Cutting Edge Combat will collect about the hirer will be information directly associated with the business between the hirer and Cutting Edge including, but not limited to: name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit/debit card details.


4.3         Cutting Edge Combat will never collect sensitive information about the hirer without explicit consent.


4.4         The personal information that Cutting Edge Combat holds will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.


5.     Consequential losses


Although all reasonable care is taken to provide the hirer with hire goods of merchantable quality and to protect users from harm, Cutting Edge Combat shall be in no circumstances liable for loss or injury or damage to property resulting from the using or wearing of hire goods howsoever such loss, injury or damage shall be caused.


6.    Conditions of business, variations, waivers and assignment of rights


6.1      No variation of the terms of this agreement shall be valid unless agreed in writing and signed on behalf of the hirer and Cutting Edge Combat.  


6.2       The hirer agrees not to assign the rights and liabilities of this agreement between Cutting Edge Combat and the hirer.


6.3      Cutting Edge may at its discretion waive or vary any of these conditions. Such variations and waivers will only have force if provided writing and signed on behalf of Cutting Edge.



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